Pre-Professional Dance Program

Pre-Professional Program


Classical ballet is the foundation for all dance techniques. This class is recommended for students taking all jazz, lyrical, and pointe classes.


Hip Hop focuses on using the body to accentuate music. Classes include hip hop tricks, stunts, and student improvisation


Jazz technique incorporates body isolations, choreography, leaps, and turns. Styles taught include classical, lyrical, muscical theater, and funk.

Lyrical and Contemporary:

These techniques are designed for the intermediate-advanced level dancer. Dancers must have a strong classical ballet and jazz foundation to incorporate facial and body emotions with correct body alignment and flexibility


Pointe technique is for experienced classical ballet students over 11 years old with a minimum of two years of ballet training. Pointe classes require faculty recommendation and weekly ballet classes.


Tap technique incorporates rhythm, style, and percussion skills through basic foot motions, syncopated combinations, and rhythms.

Tricks / Acro:

Tricks and Acro is a concentrated gymnastics curriculum including forward and backward roll series, cartwheels, walkovers, aerials, and handsprings. Balance beam and springboard technique is added at three training levels.

Turns & Leaps:

These supplemental classes focus on the body placement behind leaps and turns and are excellent for competitive dancers and members of dance / drill teams.

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